Designing your dream spaces is like painting a masterpiece on the canvas. Good art is not constricted to canvas size or colors; all it requires is an idea, skill and a passion for art. Similarly perfect interiors is not restricted to any specific area or budget, it requires a creative design, a skilled team and passion towards creating it. We understand the passion you have for your dream space and we assure your dream is painted on the canvas as you have always wanted. To do this we follow the following steps:

Every space is the owners dream. At, Nakashi we understand this. The first phase of designing includes understanding the client. We are simply interpreters. We learn who you are, your needs, your requirements, your limitations, and above all we try to see that perfect picture you have in your eyes for your dream space. We know that no matter what the scale of the project is, every penny spent is valuable.

This is the stage where we streamline all those ideas that are flying across your mind. We scribble all the data we have received from you. As an owner you have number of aspirations, as designers we tell you which best suits you. In this stage, we sketch down all possible concepts and then shift down to the best two concepts.

Finalizing a concept is the easy task, now is where the brain storming comes in. Which color would create the mood required, which flooring would provide the required warmth, whether a chandelier would be apt or is it a pendant light we should go for. The big challenge is to work out the design which best displays the concept.

Here we finalize the team of contractors that shall work on the project. We finalize the best vendors and materials that fit the design requirements. We prepare a detailed estimate which includes every minute detail; so that you are sure of the amount you shell out. We provide all necessary details to the contractor including detail drawings and material specs to ensure that the results will match the design intent.

This phase is where the real action begins. All drawings are transferred from paper to reality. This is where each day with skilled labor the final product is carved out. There are frequent site visits to ensure you see the space come up yourself.

Its time for you to move in. We have a final inspection of the entire fit out. We want you to be happy with your project, so we resolve all loose ends until the space is even better than you had imagined. Once you are satisfied we hand over your space to you.